Looking for a Gamer Girl Who’s into Feet?


When it comes to getting feet pics from teens, the internet is certainly on your side. Sure, some people still flinch when they’re asked for feet pics, but now most girls – especially girls from 18-20 – on sites like Twitter and Tumblr are more likely now than ever to send you a few pics.

Now, why is that?

Well, firstly if they’ve ever had sex with someone who likes feet they’ve probably realized that getting their toes sucked is actually a fucking great feeling. And secondly, it’s normal to talk about your sexuality now – especially on the internet! Who cares if you’re a little freaky for feet? Everyone’s freaky! You can’t scroll half-way down your Twitter feed without reading like six tweets about how some girl wants a frat boy to choke them out or something.

To be honest, if you want feet pics, you’re probably going to find feet pics (especially if you’re willing to toss a girl like $50 via PayPal, because broke college girls be broke).

Here are my five steps to getting feet pics sent directly to you every time you ask:

1. Find a young, freaky girl

This step isn’t really that hard. I suggest pursuing Twitter or Tumblr. Well have you met a millennial or a Gen-x girl who doesn’t have an account on every social media site ever? Basically you have the entirety of teens girls at your fingertips. If you’re having a hard time finding people click around and look for young girls who are subtly Twitter/Insta famous. If you can’t find anyone, search for keywords like “feet,” “teen,” “ sugar daddy,” etc. in the search bar. This will lead you to girls who are into the same kind of stuff you’re into and within the age range you prefer.

I guarantee you’ll find some girls who have something remotely dirty in their feed or on their blog. These are the girls you should strike up a conversation with.

2. Slide into the DMs

Start a conversation with a flirty tone. If they’re into it, they’re going to respond with something even more flirty. Keep flirting until things get dirty and then ask about pics.

Girls usually don’t want pics in return, but if they do you’ve found a total unicorn.

3. Paypal if you need to

While you can probably find feet pics online pretty quickly, there’s something much more sexy about having pictures taken just for you. So instead of just looking for feet porn, why wouldn’t you toss out a couple of bucks for some photos taken just for you?

A lot of younger girls (like college students) and teens who cam will be pretty willing to take photos just for you. I’d aim for college girls because they ask for less money in return and they’re not as well-known as cam girls.

I know more 18-year-old sorority girls than I can count, that are more than willing to take feet pics for like $50 (sometimes they’ll even get their friends in on it too, two for the price of one, am I right?).

4. Be patient

While I know you want your feet pics and you want them now, you should be patient. If you want something specific, you may have to wait a few hours or days for the girl to get a pedicure or do whatever you’ve asked.

Don’t piss her off, just be patient, and you’ll get your feet in time!

5. Enjoy

I mean, do I really need to explain this step? 😉