5 Best Online Coding Academies

Long gone are the days when coding was just for the supergeeks and computer-savy people. Nowadays, having a little coding skill within your arsenal can prove extremely important and beneficial.

Whether you’re looking to learn a bit of HTML to fine-tune your paragraph formatting or write your own CSS to test landing pages, there are countless online courses devoted to coding and all that it can offer.
Learning a bit of coding can be the difference between landing that awesome job or not, or possibly even keeping the job you have now. Coding is becoming more and more common within modern business and even more common among the newer and younger generation of workers.
No matter your reason for wanting to learn code, you should, and here are five coding academies that will have you understanding and writing code like a pro in no time.

MIT OpenCourseWare
Easily the most prestigious online academy to learn coding from is, technically, MIT. MIT OpenCourseWare is a web-based publication of almost all MIT course content. Meaning you can find a lot more than just coding, but that’s a topic for another article some other time.
This site offers countless courses on coding, such as “Introduction to Coding in Java,” and “Practical Programming in C.” None of that may sound familiar to you know, but it will shortly after learning a bit about coding. Oh, and its free!

Code Academy
Code Academy is a well-known academy for coding…who would have thought? But in all seriousness, this site is excellent for any student looking to dabble in the art of coding, no matter their age or prior knowledge of coding.
They offer courses in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, HTML + CSS and many more. Code Academy is many students’ first-stop academy for coding.

Khan Academy
One of the most inviting and easy-to-follow educational websites ever, Khan Academy was, and is, one of the original free online coding resources. With videos teaching about any and every subject, Khan Academy is great place to get started with your coding experience.
The site contains easy-to-follow course sections and step-by-step video tutorials that allow you to take things at your own pace and thoroughly cover every aspect of the lesson. And every single lesson is free!

HTML5 Rocks
HTML5 Rocks is an online resource for developers looking to put HTML5 to use today. It is a Google project with Google contributors bringing you the latest content and buzz about all things HTML5.
This site is a bit more challenging, suggesting you possess previous experience, but don’t let that shy away any go-getters or ambitious learners.

Dubbed the “King of Online Education,” Coursera offers thousands of online courses from prestigious universities like Yale and Stanford. There are countless courses offering a wide variety of coding lessons, all at your disposable without an application.
Coursera is a no-doubt choice when looking for an online academy to boost your coding skills due to its extensive library of courses that can make you a coding expert in no time.

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